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Bulgaria 2020. Renault shoots up to 16.1% share in harsh environment (-68.1%)

Bulgarian vehicles sales in May 2020 were still suffering, while the national state of emergency ended on May 13. Indeed, 1.448 sales were registered in May (-68.1%), leading Year to Date figures to 10.042 (-36.7%). Renault reached 16.1% share.Bulgarian Vehicles Market in MayAs the number of daily Covid19 infections continued to increase, Bulgaria state of […]

Pakistan 2020. In May vehicles sales fell 74.7% while Suzuki detained near 80% share

Pakistani Vehicles Sales showed a shy sign of revival in May 2020, while the number of new Covid-19 has dramatically increased again. As a result, after the complete halt in April, 4.527 units were sold (-74.7%) in May, leading Year to Date sales to 35.722 (-65%). Suzuki lost 64.3%, holding 79.5% share.Pakistani Vehicles Market in MayThe […]

Uruguay 2020. Suzuki contains the losses in market down 44.2% in May

Uruguayan Vehicles Market recovered only moderately in May 2020, compared to the April’s sharp drop, despite the relatively low impact of the Coronavirus on the country. Indeed, in May registrations were at 1.386 – down 44.2% from the previous year – leading Year to Date sales to 10.039 (-18.3%). Suzuki outpaced the market (-29.6%), thanks to […]

Greece 2020. Toyota resisting (-49.7%) in market down 65.5% in May

Greek Cars Market in May 2020 reported just a moderate recovery after April’s stop, despite the country was much less impacted by Covid-19 than other European countries. Indeed, 4.640 units were sold in May (-65.5%), leading Year to Date sales to 27.661 (-46.1%). Fiat crumbled 93%.Greek Car Market in MayAfter a 42-day lockdown, Greece began to gradually lift […]

Poland 2020. Volvo contains the losses (-3.1%) in market down 52.8% in May

Polish cars sales in May 2020 reported a moderate improvement from April’s drop, while the number of Covid-19 cases kept surging. Indeed, 20.834 units were sold in May (-52.8%), leading Year to Date figures to 141.722 (-36.4%). Volkswagen plummeted 75.3% while Volvo was the best performer.Polish Car Market in MayWhile the number of total Covid-19 infections […]

Tanzania 2020. Car Market lost 85% both in April and May

Tanzanian Vehicles Market is falling down in the 2020. The already negative trend in place has been enhanced by Covid19 economic effect. Following a 12% lost reported for the first quarter, in April and May sales fell down 85%.Economic EnvironmentThe fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic seems to be taking its toll on the economy in […]

Myanmar 2020. Shutdown hit sales with April and May near zero

Myanmar Vehicles Industry is in huge difficulties after the prolonged shutdown which hit the vehicles distribution and both April and May sales near zero. Following the all-time record signed in the previous year, the 2020 will step back the market, one of the most interesting in South Asia.Economic EnvironmentMyanmar’s economy is currently reeling from the Covid-19 […]

Cambodia. Ford holding over 30% in stable market

Cambodian Auto market reported a very strong May following the end of activities shutdown and is now projecting a recovery after the huge loss suffered in March/April for anti-covid19 restrictions.Economic EnvironmentThe economy is currently deteriorating due to the Covid-19 fallout and restrictions to curtail its spread. The all-important apparel industry is reeling from falling demand […]