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Daily Habits Checklist #94 (September 3 – September 30)

Some random thoughts…
3 good weeks and then wth happened? I just couldn’t get myself to care last week. Hopefully this week’s different. One thing I’ve learned after doing this for years – you can have off days. Off weeks. But be patient and be kind(er) to yourself.
If you care about something, you should do it every day. Exercise. Work. Flossing. Kissing your SO. Calling or texting your parents. Not only does it make the task easier with each repetition, growth comes from that very repetition. Of course the opposite problem is when an activity becomes mindless repetition – like reading but not absorbing, like flossing without focusing – but to me, that’s a much better problem to have
The best exercise ROI is running. Full stop. Lifting weights is fun and good for vanity, but for energy, fitness, and mental health, nothing beats running. And 30 minutes of that is vastly better than 30 minutes of bicep curls
Learning how – and when and where – to open a restaurant has been a fun and eye opening process. Given my propensity to suddenly drop a project like Hollywood dropped Kevin Spacey after his misconduct allegations came to light, I’m loathe to share more until we’re much, much farther.
Happy Friday!

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