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Daily Habits Checklist #96 (October 29 to November 25)

A few changes this month:
-Added a new daily habit: 5 minutes of positive visualization; it’s my first time adding a new habit since “evening work”. Like many habits, I was inspired to do this by Scott Adams’s advice to “imagine an incredible future” (tweet here)
-Changed the “evening work” habit into “evening reading” – by night-time, I’m usually too tired to do substantive work, and want to mentally unwind anyway; I find that reading gives me energy, and there’s plenty of work-related reading to catch up on
Overall, a solid four weeks. I’ve noticed that sometimes I can sneak in two workouts – a run in the morning, and a brief weightlifting sesh in the evening – and those invariably are great days. If I could make twice daily workouts a consistent habit, that would be amazing. Something to work toward 🙂
I’ve also largely cut coffee, always experimentin’:

Khi sử dụng định vị ô tô cần lưu ý những gì?
Friday July 12, 2019

Khi bạn lắp định vị cho xe ô tô của mình, để có thể sử dụng tốt thiết bị định vị ô tô chắc hẳn nhiều người chưa biết làm cách nào. Bài viết dưới đây Bình Anh chúng tôi sẽ chia sẻ những lưu ý cần thiết khi sử dụng thiết bị định vị cho xe ô tô để […]

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Haven’t drank coffee for a month now, and notice the following:-total energy seems unchanged, but fewer peaks and crashes-cravings stop after a few weeks-easier to get going in the mornings-sometimes I’ll drink tea; has more of a calming effect
— Kevin Gao (@kgao) October 30, 2018

Vietnam, CoderSchool, and bringing Silicon Valley to SE Asia
Tuesday June 04, 2019

I’m a big fan of Austen Allred and the work Lambda School is doing in America, training new software developers and giving them life changing career opportunities. I especially think the income share agreement (ISA) model is a great idea – where new students don’t need to pay for Lambda School’s class costs until after […]

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