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Daily Habits Checklist #96 (October 29 to November 25)

A few changes this month:
-Added a new daily habit: 5 minutes of positive visualization; it’s my first time adding a new habit since “evening work”. Like many habits, I was inspired to do this by Scott Adams’s advice to “imagine an incredible future” (tweet here)
-Changed the “evening work” habit into “evening reading” – by night-time, I’m usually too tired to do substantive work, and want to mentally unwind anyway; I find that reading gives me energy, and there’s plenty of work-related reading to catch up on
Overall, a solid four weeks. I’ve noticed that sometimes I can sneak in two workouts – a run in the morning, and a brief weightlifting sesh in the evening – and those invariably are great days. If I could make twice daily workouts a consistent habit, that would be amazing. Something to work toward 🙂
I’ve also largely cut coffee, always experimentin’:

Daily Habits Checklist #108 (September 30 to November 3)
Saturday November 09, 2019

5-week span this time. I replaced “write for 2 hours” with “write daily journal”, as the focus these days is on business and work and not writing creatively. Otherwise — just more of the same 🙂 Ed Norton shared this funny quote in his podcast interview with Joe Rogan: “Scratch an actor and you’ll find […]

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Haven’t drank coffee for a month now, and notice the following:-total energy seems unchanged, but fewer peaks and crashes-cravings stop after a few weeks-easier to get going in the mornings-sometimes I’ll drink tea; has more of a calming effect
— Kevin Gao (@kgao) October 30, 2018

Monday December 09, 2019

Từ chiều nay, cổng dịch vụ công quốc gia chính thức hoạt động, người dân ngồi nhà hay bất cứ đâu đều có thể làm một số thủ tục như đổi bằng lái xe, thẻ BHYT… 8 nhóm dịch vụ công được thực hiện trên cổng dịch vụ công quốc gia gồm: Đổi giấy phép lái xe […]

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