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Month: June 2019

Highlights from The Bitcoin Standard by Saifedean Ammous

The book’s basic message is that the world’s current financial system is damaged beyond repair, and bitcoin represents one of the best available methods to fix it. It’s a fast read [Amazon link], relatively light on statistics and academic research, somewhat heavier on prescription and generalizations. I would break down the book contents this way: […]

Vietnam, CoderSchool, and bringing Silicon Valley to SE Asia

I’m a big fan of Austen Allred and the work Lambda School is doing in America, training new software developers and giving them life changing career opportunities. I especially think the income share agreement (ISA) model is a great idea – where new students don’t need to pay for Lambda School’s class costs until after […]

Daily Habits Checklist #103 (April 29 to June 2)

5 weeks this time. Including my first ever 100% week! Definitely spent a few extra hours that Saturday / Sunday to make sure I got the writing and exercise in. Otherwise not much new to report. The usual conclusions: when traveling it’s hard to maintain a good exercise routine, writing must be done first in […]