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Global Auto Market. The ranking by Brand in 2020

World Cars Brand Ranking in April 2020 sees Toyota – one of the least damaged from Covid-19 crisis – widening the gap from Volkswagen, reaching 11.6% of market share. Ford keeps the third place, while Hyundai threatens to reach the podium, outpacing Honda and Nissan.The Global Auto Brands RankingTracking the ranking of top-selling car brands in the World since 2010, we have always seen the same leader: Toyota. Indeed the Japanese benefit from the strategy to have concentrated in a single brand the most powerful line-up in the World and while other manufacturers have assembled different brands aiming to cover more customer segments, Toyota have just a little diversification in the one-brand strategy, with Lexus in the luxury segment and Daihatsu in the small, low-cost vehicles.The level of Toyota brand sales grew up in these years while the market share was ranging between a minimum of 9.2% (in 2016 and 2017) and a maximum of 10.2% (in 2019). However, in 2020, the Japanese-based brand managed to reach 11.6% of share, further widening the gap from the followers during the Covid-19 crisis. Indeed Toyota – together with Kia – was one of the least damaged by the Coronavirus pandemic, actually losing 18% from the previous year.In second place Volkswagen, which recently held a stable share between the 7.3% (in 2010 and 2016) and 8.0% (in 2012 and 2013). However, the German brand is currently reporting the second-worst top 10 performance – down 33.3% – falling to 6.8% of share.Ford is in the middle of one of the worst times in its glorious history. Indeed, despite holding the 3rd position, the brand has declined to 5.6% of market share in 2019, losing near 1.5 points in the 4 years. In 2020, Ford’s market share is flat, while Hyundai is gaining terrain, outpacing Honda and Nissan.Data SourceThis report is done utilizing data extracted from our GAD (Global Auto Database) the wider Auto Sales Database actually existing in the World, with sales data by region/area/country broken down by type/size/body-style/brand/model from January 2010 to the last month. Data are collected by over 300 sources, including all the official providers (local Minister of Transportations or Associations of car Manufacturers).Service SolutionsSince 2010, focus2move.com is a specialist in the automotive industry tracking monthly sales for all brands and models in the widest in the World range of countries, actually over 150. From this huge database we can extract data sorted under your own conditions and deliver historical data in excel. If you like to receive historical data or to subscribe at monthly update, contact us at kventura@focus2move.com and we will arrange a short video call. By showing you our database and segmentation, we can find together the best solutions for your team.CopyrightLet us to remember to all the several global media and bloggers feeding from our articles for their publications, to quote and link us to not infringe our copyright and respect our job on collecting and provide for free so many data. Thanks!This content is for members only. Visit the site and log in/register to read.

Daily Habits Checklist #110, 111, and 112 (catching up)
Saturday May 02, 2020

I couldn’t bring myself to publish a habits checklist these last few months as governments began to lock down, people sheltered in place, unsure what the future looked like, misinformation and fear everywhere. Schedules and habits disrupted. I managed to keep track on most days (some days not at all). Performance was definitely poorer. Energy […]

Philippines. Following the April & May fall, 2020 sales are projected to 330k
Wednesday June 10, 2020

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The post Daily Habits Checklist #110, 111, and 112 (catching up) appeared first on Celadon Saigon.