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Latin America 2020. Chevrolet Onix Plus in 7th position while Toyota Hilux ranks 2nd

Latin America best selling cars ranking May 2020 sees again the Chevrolet Onix on top – holding 4.5% of market share – while the Toyota Hilux gains the 2ns position ahead of the Nissan Versa and the Ford KA. The Chevrolet Onix Plus jumps directly in 7th position.As far as the best selling cars ranking, while our report assembly data for 41 countries, this ranking is heavy conditioned by the trend in the top markets (Brazil, Mexico and Argentina), which counts near the half of the regional sales.In May 2020 the market sees the Chevrolet Onix top of the Year to Date ranking for the fifth year in a row with Year to Date sales at 72.537 (-35%) and 4.5% of market share.The Chevrolet Onix is sold only in this region and in 2017 ranked as 79th in the focus2move Global Best Selling Cars Ranking. It is a subcompact car launched in 2012 to succeed Chevrolet Corsa and some versions of Chevrolet Celta. Made in Brazilian plan at Gravataí, is only available with five-door hatchback, two flex-fuel engines (999 cm³ and 78/80 cv, 1,389 cm³ and 98/106 cv), five-speed manual transmission, front-wheel drive. It’s sedan derivative is sold under the name Prisma and distributed in selected markets.The Toyota Hilux gained the 2nd place selling 42.216 units (-22.1%) and overtaking the Nissan Versa and the Ford KA which registered respectively 41692 (-14.2%) and 40.900 (-40.5%). Indeed, the Ford Ka lost 2 positions from last year. The third generation of this city car, produced in Brazil, is available as a five-door hatchback and as a four-door sedan. Launched in the fall of 2014, it was initially only available in Brazil and South America, later being introduced in India, Mexico, South Africa (where it is marketed as the Ford Figo) and in Europe (marketed as Ford Ka+).Behind, we find the Volkswagen Gol with 32.810 (-30.8%), followed by the Renault Kwid with 28.791 (-32.8%) and the Chevrolet Onix Plus with 28.419. The Hyundai HB20 takes the 8th place, with 27618 (-39.3%) units sold, followed by the Chevrolet Beat with 26.552 (-23.7%) and the Nissan Kicks with 25.469 (-29.9%).Tables with sales figuresIn the tables below we report sales for all Brands, top 10 Manufacturers Group and top 10 ModelsThis content is for members only. Visit the site and log in/register to read.

Cách kết nối camera với mạng đúng cách.
Tuesday June 23, 2020

Kết nối camera với mạng đúng cách là điều rất quan trọng khi chúng ta muốn kết nối để xem camera online trên điện thoại máy tính. Rất nhiều đã kết nối mạng sai cách rồi cài đặt khi đó sẽ tạo ra nhiều khó khăn trong quá trình cài đặt và sửa chữa sau […]

Kazakhstan. Car market unaffected by the Covid-19 in March (+45.6%)
Wednesday May 06, 2020

Kazakhstan Vehicles Market in March kept the momentum going, also resisting to the Coronavirus outbreak. Indeed, despite a state of emergency was declared on March 15, the car market remained unaffected, reporting a +45.6% growth in March with 6.892 units sold and ending the Q1 at 17.787 (+33.3%)..The post Kazakhstan. Car market unaffected by the […]

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