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5 Things To Prepare When Meeting With A Car Accident Lawyer

Every driver is (or should be) aware of the responsibility they carry the moment they sit behind that stirring wheel. For one, they need to consider the safety of everyone seated in the vehicle including themselves. They also have a significant role to play in the safety of other road users. Despite all the precautions, […]

A Guide To Upgrading Car Wheels And Tyres

There’s no better and more efficient way of changing the look and feel of your car than upgrading its wheels and tyres. Whether it’s for performance or simply about aesthetics, it’s important to know what to look for from a new set of wheels and tyres. Even though the standard fitted wheels of your car […]

Five Common Mistakes First-Time Motorbike Buyers Make

When buying a motorbike for the first time, it is natural to be very excited about the entire process. Nonetheless, this excitement can often lead first-time buyers to make a series of mistakes that can cost them in the long run. To help you avoid any mistakes, this guide has been created to outline what […]

Oman 2021. Toyota performs impressively in market down 12.1% in Q1

Omani vehicles market in March 2021 reverses the negative trend of the previous months. In fact, 8.399 units have been sold in March (+31.7%), leading Q1 sales at 21.732 (-12.1%). The undiscussed leader Toyota grows effectively this month (+76.5%). Market Trend in March In March, the Omani vehicle market reports a trend reversal and grows […]

Tyler Cowen: Default state through history is confusion about what is money

Tyler Cowen was recently interviewed by Lex Fridman and the conversation was great since Tyler’s usually asking the questions. This time we got to hear all his answers in their full glory and they were glorious. All notes below are paraphrased: — What matters more than the type of capitalism is how good is your […]

What Should You Look For In A Car Shipping Company?

If you’re thinking about shipping your car across the country, you need to choose a car shipping company. Choosing the right company comes with a lot of considerations. Cars are expensive, so you need to choose a company you really trust. Then, you’ve got cost, availability, and insurance to consider. This article is going to […]

Tips for Transporting a Recently Purchased Used Car

Owning a car is such a wonderful feeling. It is a significant achievement for most, a dream for many, or simply a hobby for some. Whether you’ve bought brand new wheels or settled for a secondhand, it doesn’t change the fact that you’re a certified car owner now. So, congrats! Now, what happens next? If […]