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Year: 2020

3 Simple Ways to Add Value to Your Car Before Selling it

Selling your car is the first step to owning an even better set of wheels, but if you don’t get the sale right, you’ll receive much lower offers, which means you may not afford the new model you really want. Below you’ll find tried and tested tips for adding value to any car you want […]

How You Can Save Money Buying A New Car

One of the most important financial decisions you’re going to make in your life is purchasing a new car. Next to your home, it’s, perhaps, the second most expensive asset you’ll ever own. So, it’s just fitting for you to feel like as if you’re under so much pressure to get it right. If you […]

5 Tips to Avoid Trucking Accidents

As a driver, you must have experienced that nerve-wracking moment where you had to pass an 18-wheeler truck on the freeway. Commercial trucks can be frightening, not only due to their sheer size and weight, but also because of their susceptibility to fatal accidents. For this reason, motorists have the responsibility of driving carefully around […]

Top Tips for Buying a New Car

If you’re planning to buy a new car and you’re struggling to find a vehicle that fits your budget and meets your performance and aesthetic standards, you’re not alone. Finding the right car on a predetermined budget isn’t easy. A simple online search will reveal there is a sea of options out there. However, what […]

North Africa Car Market Outlook & Perspectives to 2025

North Africa’s car market outlook is forecasted to be the fastest-growing in the World in the next 5 years, with a CAGR of 10.8% and a projected 678.000 units sold per year. Renault will remain the undiscussed leader and is expected to surpass 60.000 sales per year, followed by Volkswagen and Peugeot. The present situation […]

Is it Great to Invest in Used Cars?

You might have been wondering about breaking free from the clenched daily commute. It is certainly a hassle when you have to squeeze in the crowd during rush hours just to get home. Perhaps you are already saving up to purchase a car of your own, but you are puzzled about what to get. You […]

UK Car Market Research [2020]

The UK vehicle market is going through a troublesome period with a combination of new and used car deals down for a third progressive year in 2020. There is no expectation of an improved condition presently owing to the COVID-19 situation. Dealers will have to rethink the best way forward for handling both the new […]

India Car Market Outlook & Perspectives to 2025

India’s future car market outlook forecasts a 4.8% CAGR over the next 5 years, with a projected 3.08 million units sold in 2025. Maruti will surpass 1.5 Million sales per year, remaining the undiscussed leader, followed in a distance by the growing brands Hyundai and Tata. The present situation in India Since Q3 of the […]

Global Automotive Database

Focus2Move holds and updates the GAD (Global Automotive Database) the widest existing database tracking monthly vehicles sales with the largest & deepest existing detail for 11 regions and over 150 countries. Data can be aggregated by brand or model or segment to analyse the industry under several and unrivaled perspectives. Actually data are aggregated at […]