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Romania. Car market crumbled 50.3% in April

Romanian car market reported another huge drop in April, due to the national lockdown introduced on March 24, in order to slow down the spread of Covid-19. Indeed, registrations collapsed 50.3% with 4.317 units sold, leading Year to Date figures to 32.290 (-27.5%).Romanian vehicles market was among the worst in Europe during the 2009 crisis, declining to a negative peak in 2013 with 57.710 car passenger’s sales. Then, the economic recovery pushed the market up with uninterrupted growth up to 2019 with 161.533 sales (+23.4%).In the beginning of 2020, according to data released by the Romanian Department of Internal Transportation, started on a negative tone. Indeed, Year-to-date February sales have been 21.323 (-18.1%).Market TrendSaid this, a new era started in March for the entire World.In order to slow down the spread of the virus, most European countries have imposed lockdowns to various degrees. Indeed, similar to other neighbouring countries, on March 16 a state of emergency was declared in Romania, followed by a national lockdown on March 24.As a result, in March the auto market fell down 32.2% with 6.650 units sold, ending the first quarter at 27.973 (-21.9%).In April, registrations collapsed 50.3% with 4.317 units sold, leading Year to Date figures to 32.290 (-27.5%).Tables with sales figuresIn the tables below we report sales for all Brands, top 10 Manufacturers Group and top 10 ModelsRank 2020Rank 2019BrandSales 2020Var YTD 2020Sales AprilVar AprilShare YTD 2020Share April11Dacia8.834-38,3%1.397-37,6%27,4%32,4%25Volkswagen2.9420,5%338-51,5%9,1%7,8%34Skoda2.779-13,0%325-50,3%8,6%7,5%42Renault2.503-33,6%318-56,6%7,8%7,4%57Hyundai2.2394,8%199-54,9%6,9%4,6%63Ford1.726-49,1%271-51,6%5,3%6,3%78Toyota1.707-8,3%221-16,3%5,3%5,1%813Peugeot1.13623,7%23115,5%3,5%5,4%912Mercedes1.120-0,6%115-64,6%3,5%2,7%1011BMW1.020-12,4%187-14,6%3,2%4,3%1110Suzuki912-24,8%103-60,7%2,8%2,4%129Nissan766-51,0%64-86,0%2,4%1,5%1315Kia7478,4%75-38,5%2,3%1,7%146Opel599-73,9%85-82,9%1,9%2,0%1514Mazda597-18,1%55-66,9%1,8%1,3%1616Citroen5201,2%93-42,6%1,6%2,2%1720Fiat3279,4%22-71,8%1,0%0,5%1817Audi314-28,8%40-65,2%1,0%0,9%1919Volvo216-38,6%32-41,8%0,7%0,7%2021Land Rover213-24,2%31-61,3%0,7%0,7%2118Honda207-46,5%17-79,8%0,6%0,4%2222Seat187-23,7%13-87,1%0,6%0,3%2323Mitsubishi120-7,0%12-57,1%0,4%0,3%2428Porsche11591,7%22-12,0%0,4%0,5%2527Mini10559,1%11-21,4%0,3%0,3%2624Jeep99-10,8%7-74,1%0,3%0,2%2725Lexus77-23,0%16-20,0%0,2%0,4%2830SsangYong447,3%6-40,0%0,1%0,1%2926Jaguar38-52,5%6-76,0%0,1%0,1%3031Alfa Romeo24-7,7%1-85,7%0,1%0,0%3129Smart20-61,5%0-100,0%0,1%0,0%3233Lamborghini90,0%0-100,0%0,0%0,0%3335Subaru740,0%20,0%0,0%3432Bentley6-50,0%1-75,0%0,0%0,0%3434Ferrari60,0%1-50,0%0,0%0,0%3536Rolls-Royce4300,0%-100,0%0,0%0,0%3634Lada2-66,7%-100,0%0,0%0,0%3734Maserati1-83,3%-100,0%0,0%0,0%3736DS10,0%0,0%0,0%3737Dodge10,0%0,0%Rank 2020Rank 2019GroupSales 2020Var YTD 2020Sales AprilVar AprilShare YTD 2020Share April11Renault Nissan Alliance12.225-38,2%1.791-48,2%37,9%41,5%22Volkswagen Group6.352-7,8%739-53,8%19,7%17,1%35Hyundai-Kia2.9865,7%274-51,3%9,2%6,3%43P.S.A.2.256-39,5%409-52,3%7,0%9,5%56Toyota Group1.784-9,0%237-16,5%5,5%5,5%64Ford Group1.726-49,1%271-51,6%5,3%6,3%79Mercedes Daimler1.140-3,3%115-65,6%3,5%2,7%87BMW1.129-8,3%198-15,4%3,5%4,6%98Suzuki912-24,8%103-60,7%2,8%2,4%1010Mazda597-18,1%55-66,9%1,8%1,3%Rank 2020Rank 2019ModelSales AprilVar AprilSales YTD 2020Var 202011Dacia Logan540-46,3%3.651,00-53,3%22Dacia Duster503-34,9%2.493,00-21,3%33Dacia Sandero225-24,2%1.867,00-19,9%45Skoda Octavia91-58,6%1.293,00-7,4%54Renault Clio104-75,8%996-42,7%68Renault Mégane96-37,3%653-38,0%714Dacia Dokker1016,3%605-8,9%77Ford Focus76-59,8%605-48,2%813Hyundai Tucson70-50,0%577-13,6%96Nissan Qashqai43-89,7%569-58,8%1015Hyundai i2036-50,7%558-14,3%This content is for members only. Visit the site and log in/register to read.

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The post TED talk notes #3, Noah Feldman: Politics and religion are technologies appeared first on Celadon Saigon.