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Switzerland. Coronavirus strikes market by 67.2% in April

Switzerland Auto Market in April dropped down 67.2% with 9.378 units sold, as national anti-covid19 restriction measures were imposed until April 26, starting to gradually ease in a three-step process. Indeed, Year to Date figures are down 35.6% at 64.856.The Switzerland vehicles market is one of the most stable in the World with car passenger sales in the last decade always among the minimum of 293.000 done in the 2010 and the maximum of 329.000 of the 2012. In the 2018 sales were below the 300.000 units at the second-lowest level in the decade, while in 2019, sales have marginally recovered, improving 3.9% from the previous year.In the first two months of 2020, according to the data released by the Association of local Automotive Importers, the market started on the wrong foot, as year-to-date registrations in February have been 37.901, down 12%.Market TrendSaid this, a new era started in March for the entire World, due to the Coronavirus outbreak.Similar to most European countries, the Swiss Government imposed lockdowns measures in order to slow down the spread of the Coronavirus. Indeed, on March 16 schools were closed nationwide, while from March 20 most non-essential businesses were stopped and gatherings of more than five people in public spaces were banned.As a result, car showrooms have had to close and the car market dropped down 39.3% with 17.577 units sold, ending the Q1 at 55.478 (-23%).In April, the market plummeted 67.2% with 9.378 units sold, leading Year to Date figures to 64.856 (-35.6%), as restrictions measure were gradually eased from April 27.Tables with sales figuresIn the tables below we report sales for all Brands, top 10 Manufacturers Group and top 10 ModelsRank 2020Rank 2019BrandSales 2020Var YTD 2020Sales AprilVar AprilShare YTD 2020Share April11Volkswagen7.352-34,8%1.011-69,6%11,3%10,8%24BMW6.420-15,7%1.105-49,8%9,9%11,8%33Mercedes6.386-22,7%980-53,5%9,8%10,4%42Skoda5.257-36,8%786-64,1%8,1%8,4%56Seat3.560-23,1%522-59,2%5,5%5,6%65Audi3.420-38,2%452-67,7%5,3%4,8%78Renault3.022-14,5%342-68,0%4,7%3,6%89Toyota2.526-27,6%344-64,4%3,9%3,7%97Ford2.458-45,4%390-65,3%3,8%4,2%1011Volvo2.328-24,7%258-70,8%3,6%2,8%1113Fiat1.858-33,2%234-68,5%2,9%2,5%1214Hyundai1.850-32,6%296-67,9%2,9%3,2%1315Dacia1.773-32,0%349-49,1%2,7%3,7%1412Peugeot1.458-52,8%209-74,3%2,2%2,2%1523Mini1.356-18,1%224-58,4%2,1%2,4%1617Tesla1.273-40,4%142-73,6%2,0%1,5%1710Opel1.272-59,6%170-84,9%2,0%1,8%1826Mitsubishi1.227-4,3%161-53,7%1,9%1,7%1919Mazda1.193-36,5%191-64,5%1,8%2,0%2030Porsche99113,8%174-60,5%1,5%1,9%2121Jeep988-43,7%87-83,5%1,5%0,9%2216Suzuki954-62,1%153-78,4%1,5%1,6%2324Kia911-37,5%131-69,5%1,4%1,4%2420Citroen827-55,9%91-81,8%1,3%1,0%2518Nissan805-57,4%108-80,5%1,2%1,2%2625Land Rover763-47,1%96-73,3%1,2%1,0%2728Alfa Romeo590-43,8%73-73,4%0,9%0,8%2822Subaru418-75,9%65-90,6%0,6%0,7%2929Jaguar327-63,7%28-89,9%0,5%0,3%3027Honda221-81,7%24-91,0%0,3%0,3%3136Ferrari17737,2%533,9%0,3%0,6%3232Lexus176-17,4%20-69,7%0,3%0,2%3333DS166-14,0%21-65,0%0,3%0,2%3431Smart116-85,2%23-89,4%0,2%0,2%3538Bentley75-19,4%20-16,7%0,1%0,2%3635Maserati68-52,4%9-82,0%0,1%0,1%3639Lamborghini68-26,1%7-69,6%0,1%0,1%3743Infiniti32-36,0%2-85,7%0,0%0,0%3841Aston Martin30-63,0%3-89,3%0,0%0,0%3842Alpine30-62,0%4-77,8%0,0%0,0%3940Dodge29-65,5%-100,0%0,0%0,0%4037Chevrolet22-81,4%5-92,4%0,0%0,1%4147Lotus21-8,7%5-16,7%0,0%0,1%4246Rolls-Royce13-51,9%-100,0%0,0%0,0%4245McLaren13-61,8%3-75,0%0,0%0,0%4352JAC940,0%0,0%4444Cadillac7-80,6%3-75,0%0,0%0,0%4552Bugatti50,0%0,0%4649Morgan4-20,0%-100,0%0,0%0,0%4648Chrysler4-55,6%-100,0%0,0%0,0%4750Caterham3-25,0%-100,0%0,0%0,0%4734SsangYong3-98,4%-100,0%0,0%0,0%4851Lancia10,0%0,0%0,0%Rank 2020Rank 2019GroupSales 2020Var YTD 2020Sales AprilVar AprilShare YTD 2020Share April11Volkswagen Group20.728-32,7%2.972-65,8%32,0%31,7%23BMW7.789-16,2%1.329-51,6%12,0%14,2%32Renault Nissan Alliance6.889-27,0%966-64,1%10,6%10,3%44Mercedes Daimler6.502-28,1%1.003-56,9%10,0%10,7%55P.S.A.3.723-55,2%491-80,4%5,7%5,2%66F.C.A.3.715-37,6%456-73,3%5,7%4,9%78Hyundai-Kia2.761-34,3%427-68,4%4,3%4,6%89Toyota Group2.702-27,0%364-64,7%4,2%3,9%97Ford Group2.458-45,4%390-65,3%3,8%4,2%1010Geely Group2.349-24,6%263-70,4%3,6%2,8%Rank 2020Rank 2019ModelSales AprilVar AprilSales YTD 2020Var 202011Skoda Octavia307-55,9%1.907-37,6%22Volkswagen Tiguan225-68,4%1.573-29,3%38Mercedes GLC135-66,9%1.134-25,5%44Tesla Model 3127-74,3%1.089-41,6%57Mercedes A Class116-62,6%1.052-34,0%617BMW X3238-18,2%1.031-7,4%75Skoda Karoq128-74,6%970-44,2%829Volvo XC40113-61,8%9267,9%913Mini Hatch179-56,1%894-24,3%103Volkswagen Golf126-75,0%876-59,9%This content is for members only. Visit the site and log in/register to read.

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The post Chile 2020. Vehicle market plummeted again 72% due to lockdown extension appeared first on Celadon Saigon.