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Finland. In May the market worsened (-53.8%) pulled down by low demand

Finnish cars market fall accelerated in May, despite the car dealerships activities continued during the Covid-19 crisis. Indeed, 4.871 vehicles were sold in May, reporting a 53.8%, leading Yead to Date sales to 38.302 (-11.4%). Kia, Mercedes and BMW outpaced the market.Finnish Cars Market in MaySimilar to other European countries we have covered so far, the Finnish market has worsened in May, after performing better than other neighbouring countries March and April. As in the Netherlands, in May sales’ fall have accelerated, despite a full-lockdown in the country was avoided and Covid-19 cases were somewhat contained.Indeed, 4.871 vehicles were sold in May, reporting a 53.8% year on year drop, leading Yead to Date sales to 38.302 (-11.4%). Since car dealerships activities were allowed to proceed during the crisis, the worsening economic condition might be the real reason behind this market drop.Kia signed the best Top 10 brand performance in May, losing “just” 29.1%, while also Mercedes (-38.1%) and BMW (-39.9%) managed to outpace the market.Post Covid19 Market TrendDespite the Government announced the state of emergency in the country as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak on March 16 – when most of the premises of schools, universities and government-run public facilities have been closed down – Finland did not undertake the type of severe measures which have been taken by other European countries, such as Italy, Spain or France.Indeed, this flexibility was clearly reflected in the March market trend, which reported just a 1.5% drop with 8.975 units sold, ending the Q1 at 27.659 units (-4.2%).In April the market dropped down 39.1% with 5.796 units sold.Medium-term market directionFinnish vehicles market has not yet recovered the pre-2008 crisis level. Since 2013 the market registered a shy but stable recovery, reaching a peak of 120.066 sales in 2018, thanks to the introduction of a scrap incentive scheme up to €2.500. However, ended the incentives, in 2019 the market dropped down at the level of 113.243 units (-5.7%).In 2020, the market started on the wrong foot, with Year to Date February sales at 18.684, down 5.4% from the previous year.Tables with sales figuresIn the tables below we report sales for all Brands, top 10 Manufacturers Group and top 10 ModelsThis content is for members only. Visit the site and log in/register to read.

Notes from a Jonathan Haidt TED talk: “Sports is to war as pornography is to sex”
Sunday July 26, 2020

I was going over old TED talk notes and found this gem. Seems especially relevant today: Here are my notes: openness and comfort with new experiences are traits strongly correlated with liberal political attitudeworst idea in psychology: “mind is blank slate at birth”in reality we’re pre-programmed with a lot: “nature provides a first draft”“sports is to war […]

Cách xem camera hikvision trình duyệt internet explorer
Friday July 24, 2020

Cách xem camera hikvision trên internet explorer có rất nhiều hướng dẫn tuy nhiên hôm nay mình sẽ hướng dẫn các bạn xem qua trình duyệt internet explorer qua windows 7 hoặc windows 10 một trong hai hệ điều hành máy tính phổ biến nhất hiện nay. Xem camera hikvison trên trình duyệt internet explorer […]

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The post Notes from a Jonathan Haidt TED talk: “Sports is to war as pornography is to sex” appeared first on Celadon Saigon.