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Global Auto Market. Toyota at the best share in over 10 years, while Covid-19 hampers Volkswagen

World Cars Brand Ranking in April 2020 sees Toyota – one of the least damaged from Covid-19 crisis – widening the gap from Volkswagen, reaching the best market share in over 10 years. Hyundai threatens Ford to reach the podium, outpacing Honda and Nissan.The Global Auto Brands RankingIn 2020, Toyota brand reached the highest Year to Date April market share of the last decade, almost 2 percentage points above 2019. Indeed, the Japanese-based brand managed to reach 11.6% of share, further widening the gap from the followers during the Covid-19 crisis. Toyota – together with Kia – was one of the least damaged brands by the Coronavirus pandemic – actually losing 18% from the previous year. In recent years, the market share was ranging between a minimum of 9.2% (in 2016 and 2017) and a maximum of 10.2% (in 2019).Furthermore, tracking the ranking of top-selling car brands in the World since 2010, we have always seen Toyota leading the scene. Indeed, the Japanese benefit from the strategy to have concentrated in a single brand the most powerful line-up in the World and while other manufacturers have assembled different brands aiming to cover more customer segments, Toyota have just a little diversification in the one-brand strategy, with Lexus in the luxury segment and Daihatsu in the small, low-cost vehicles.Volkswagen – in second position – is losing terrain, due to its large dependence with the Chinese market, which counts for over 40% of global sales. Indeed, as China and Germany were severely hit by the Coronavirus, Volkswagen brand is currently reporting the second-worst top 10 performance – down 33.3% – falling to 6.8% of share. In recent years, the German-based brand held a stable share, between a peak of 8.4% (in 2014) and a minimum of 7.4% (in 2017).Attention is focused also on Hyundai, which in YTD April 2020 has conquered the 4th place. A large part of this success is due to the mother-country (South Korea) effective response to Coronavirus outbreak, actually reporting double-digit growth in the first quarter. As a result, Hyundai is currently holding 5.1% of share, outpacing Honda and Nissan, while threatening the declining Ford, which is experiencing one of the worst times in its glorious history.However, the star of the year is certainly Tesla. The American is the only growing brand within the Top 50, actually gaining 13th positions from last year. Indeed, with 114.087 units sold (+24%) Tesla jumps in 38th place.Tables with sales figuresIn the table below we report sales for Top 50 Brands.This content is for members only. Visit the site and log in/register to read.

Mua bán tên miền camera vĩnh viễn DYNDNS giá 500K
Thursday June 18, 2020

Dịch vụ mua bán tên miền xem camera DYNDNS.ORG vĩnh viễn giá chỉ 500K đã có tại Camera Hà Đông Như chúng ta đã biết tên miền camera thực chất là Dynamic DNS: phương thức ánh xạ tên miền tới địa chỉ IP có tần xuất thay đổi cao (do không phải mạng nào cũng được cấp ip […]

Turkey. The 2019 Best Selling Car Ranking with Top 100 models
Wednesday June 10, 2020

Turkey best selling cars ranking in the 2019 dominated for the fourth year in a row by the Fiat Egea, able to over perform in a declining market. In second place Renault Clio conquers the second place overtaking the Renault Megane. Top 100 models listed.The 2019 has been an awful year for the Turkish new vehicles […]

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