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Israel 2020. In May Hyundai reached 18.8% share while the market revived (-51.2%)

Israel Vehicles Market strongly recovered in May after the April’s awful performance, as lockdown measures were eased. Indeed, 10.347 units were sold in May (-51.2%), leading Year to Date figures to 98.021 (-21.4%). Hyundai matched the market trend, while holding 18.8% share.Israel Vehicles Market in MayAfter the halt in April, where registrations plummeted 88.7%, the car market has definitely improved in May. Indeed, the ease of lockdown measure throughout the country allowed business activities to reopen and the market reported a strong recovery. Indeed, 10.347 units were sold in May (-51.2%), leading Year to Date figures to 98.021, down 21.4% from the previous year.In the competitive landscape, the leader Hyundai matched the market trend in May, while holding 18.8% share. Chevrolet signed the best top 10 performance, together with Seat, actually 6th – up 4 spots from 2019 – in the year to date ranking.Post Covid19 Market TrendIn order to tackle the Coronavirus outbreak throughout the country, the Israeli Government initially imposed closure for non-essential businesses from March 15, while the national state of emergency and stricter regulations were introduced from March 19.As a result, the light vehicles market dropped 36.1% in March with 18.594 units sold, ending the first quarter at 85.111, down 7.1%.In April, the market reported almost a complete halt, with registrations at 2.563 (-88.7%).Medium Terms Market TrendDuring the last decade, the Israeli car market has steadily grown, fueled by the country’s consistent development. In 2016 auto sales hit the new all-time record, with 286.701 units sold. Then the market reached saturation and – despite the economic environment was unchanged – the demand decelerated and sales declined three years in a row, with 253.800 registrations in 2019.In the beginning of 2020, according to the data released by the Israeli Department of Transportation System, the market started with a positive tone, with Year to Date February sales at 66.157, up 6.5%.Tables with sales figuresIn the tables below we report sales for all Brands, top 10 Manufacturers Group and top 10 Models.This content is for members only. Visit the site and log in/register to read.

New Zealand Autos Market Report 2010-2025
Sunday October 11, 2020

New Zealand Autos Market Report 2010-2025 features historical data and insights plus professional forecast on new vehicles sales by type, manufacturer, brand and model providing an easy-to-use picture of current and future competitive landscape. Research Contents Focus2move Automotive Market Reports provide a comprehensive and extensive overview about this market including information on the cars and light commercial market […]

Togo. Market struggles with a 38.8% drop in sales Year to Date in August 2020
Thursday September 24, 2020

Togo vehicles market in 2020 reports a heavy drop as the pandemic influences sales. Indeed, 211 units were sold Year To Date until August, losing 38.8% compared to last year. Toyota  (-29.2%) maintains in leadership while reporting the best top 10 hold, while Peugeot was the worst performer, with a 57.1% drop in sales. Market […]

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