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Netherlands. Kia (-24.8%) defies a market down 59.8% in May

Dutch Auto Market kept worsening in May despite a full-lockdown was not imposed in the country during the Covid-19 crisis. Indeed, 14.661 were sold in the country in May (-59.8%), leading Year to Date May figures to 132.699 (-18.8%). Kia reported the best Top 20 performance.Dutch Auto Market in MayAlthough flexible lockdown measures in the first months of the Covid-19 crisis were allowed and the market trend was somewhat surviving in March and April, registrations in May have reported a drop even deeper than Italy and France. This phenomenon occurred also for the Swedish market, showing that countries initially avoiding a complete lockdown are now facing larger losses compared to other European countries, which have imposed “stricter” regulations. However, while Sweden is facing an increase in infection and deaths, in the Netherlands the situation remains much more under control. Therefore, Netherland’s market declining trend might be explained by stock shortages, negative economic conditions discouraging consumers demand or the postponement of government incentives for new electric cars (4.000€) or used ones (2.000€) on July 1.As a result, 14.661 were sold in the country in May (-59.8%), leading Year to Date May figures to 132.699 (-18.8%).In May, Kia resists (-24.8%) and – together with Toyota (+5%) – becomes the only positive brand in the Year-to-Date May top 10 ranking, up 3%.Post Covid19 Market TrendApparently the Covid19 diffusion in the country started later compared with South Europe and the Government did not take any concrete action to avoid the diffusion, before to rapidly take the decision to shut down all the activities just in the last week of March, following the decision taken by Germany.So, sales activities were in the normal speed for three-quarter of the month and the new vehicles sales registrations in March had been only partially hit (-24.6%), ending the Q1 at 103.229 units (-11.2%).Compared to other neighbouring countries, in April, the auto market managed to avoid a dramatic collapse. Indeed, car dealerships were allowed to carry on their business activities and the car market fell “only” 53.7% with 15.157 units sold.Medium term market directionDutch vehicles market in recent years has been influenced by a series of incentives scheme introduced to support the fast development of the Alternative Vehicles Fuel (AVF) which have been an unusual short-term view boosting the market when applied and depressing the market when ended.Consequently, the annual sales trend was full of rapid growth and fast decline. Looking at the period 2010-2018, the market has lost near 30.000 units, from 477.000 (2010) to 441.000 (2018) with a negative peak of 385.000 in the 2016 and a positive peak of 555.000 in 2011. In 2019, the market registered a flat trend, with 444.093 units sold.According to data released by the Dutch Association of Car Manufacturers, the start of 2020 have been moderately negative with year-to-date February at 73.601 (-4.4%). Tables with sales figuresIn the tables below we report sales for all Brands, top 10 Manufacturers Group and top 10 ModelsThis content is for members only. Visit the site and log in/register to read.

TED talk notes #1, James Cameron: Before Avatar…a curious boy
Monday October 19, 2020

I’m adding more TED talk notes to my master list. The talks themselves are rather dated by TED standards (circa 2015 and earlier), but I just discovered them while going through some old files…so they’re new to the blog 🙂 NOTES grew up in Canada, then California as a boy, he liked to draw, loved […]

Inspired by a Qing dynasty poem
Monday November 09, 2020

I really enjoyed reading this poem, just something about the words and the flow of it. I decided to write my own – half a literal translation, and half something else. — 万里长城万里空 张廷玉 南来北往走西东,  人生杳杳在其中; 天也来空地也空,  换了多少主人公。 夜静听得三更鼓,  翻身不觉五更钟; 从头仔细思量起,  便是南柯一梦中。 一场辛苦一场空,  死后还归泥土中。 身归泥土气随风,  一片顽皮化臭胧; 在身置得万倾田,  死后只得三步地。 埋骨何须桑梓地,  人生无处不青山。 万里长城万里空,  百世英雄百世梦; 沉舟侧畔轻帆过,  病树前头万木春! — […]

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