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Month: June 2020

Israel 2020. In May Hyundai reached 18.8% share while the market revived (-51.2%)

Israel Vehicles Market strongly recovered in May after the April’s awful performance, as lockdown measures were eased. Indeed, 10.347 units were sold in May (-51.2%), leading Year to Date figures to 98.021 (-21.4%). Hyundai matched the market trend, while holding 18.8% share.Israel Vehicles Market in MayAfter the halt in April, where registrations plummeted 88.7%, the […]

Kazakhstan 2020. In May Ravon shone while the market immediately rebounded 20.7%

Kazakhstan Vehicles Market went back on track in May, scoring an exceptional performance, while quarantine restrictions ended on May 11. Indeed, 7.141 units were sold in May, up 20.7%, pulling Year to Date figures on a positive trend (+4%) at 25.547. Ravon stood out thanks to the Nexia R3.Kazakhstan Vehicles Market in MayKazakhstan ended the […]

New Zealand 2020. Suzuki contained the losses in May while the market dropped 40.9%

New Zealand vehicles sales were able to strongly recover in May after the freeze in April, as the Coronavirus was successfully defeated by the country. Indeed, 8.002 units were registered in May, down 40.9%, leading Year to Date sales to 40.760 (-35.3%). Suzuki scored the best Top 10 performance.New Zealand Vehicles Market in MayNew Zealand […]

Australia 2020. Toyota resists (-24.8%) better than a market down 36.2% in May

Australia Vehicles Market in May still reported a steep decline, despite the number of Covid-19 have been drastically reduced.  Indeed, sales were 57.005 in May (-36.2%), leading Year to Date figures to 319.163 (-24.8%). Toyota outpaced the market in May, registering the best top 10 performance.Australian Vehicles Market in MayIn recent months, Australia has successfully […]

Chile 2020. Vehicle market plummeted again 72% due to lockdown extension

Chilean Vehicles Market in May fell sharply down again – matching the April’s trend – as lockdown measures were further extended due to an exponential growth of Covid-19 cases in recent months. Indeed, in May sales dropped 72% with 8.673 units sold, leading Year to Date sales to 93.772 (-30.7%).  Chilean Vehicles Market in MayThe […]

Three Things to Consider While Getting a Car Title Loan

A car title loan is a tempting option for those who need fast cash to get rid of high-interest debt, pay utility bills, or handle an emergency. No matter what situation pushes you to get this loan, it would be best to have an idea about something you need to obtain this loan. It’s time […]

Cách kết nối camera với mạng đúng cách.

Kết nối camera với mạng đúng cách là điều rất quan trọng khi chúng ta muốn kết nối để xem camera online trên điện thoại máy tính. Rất nhiều đã kết nối mạng sai cách rồi cài đặt khi đó sẽ tạo ra nhiều khó khăn trong quá trình cài đặt và sửa chữa sau […]

Norway. Vehicle market worsened in May, after scoring the best European performance in April

Norwegian Auto Market has worsened in May after containing the losses in April, following a similar phenomenon registered in Sweden and the Netherlands. Indeed, 7.885 units were sold in May (-35.5%), leading Year to Date figures to 47.378 (-22.6%). Mercedes boomed 107.6%.Norwegian Auto Market in MayAs reported for countries like Sweden and the Netherlands, the Norwegian […]

Denmark. Kia gains 13.5% while the market falls again 35.3%

Danish Auto Sales in May reported just a marginal improvement from the previous month, after registering one of the best European trends in April. Actually, the Danish market lost 35.3% in May with 11.499 units sold, leading Year to Date figures to 72.431 (-27.5%). Kia was the only positive Top 20. Norwegian Auto Market in MayContrary to the […]

Highlights from Albert Wenger’s World After Capital

Capital is becoming abundant. So we should be able to provide everyone with enough capital to lead a decent life. Attention is replacing capital as the key finite resource. So we must learn how to better save and spend our attention. Knowledge is humanity’s most valuable collective asset. So we should do everything we can […]