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Slovenia 2020. Kia impressed (+65.8%) in market down 25.1%

Slovenian Autos Market in May scored one of the best performances in Europe, supported by the country’s efficiency to tackle the Coronavirus outbreak. Indeed, 4.867 units were sold in May (-25.1%), leading Year to Date sales to 20.594 (-36.6%). Kia boomed 65.8%, reaching the 7th spot.Slovenian Autos Market in MayOn May 15, Slovenia became the first European nation to declare the end of the COVID-19 epidemic within its territory, receiving praises for its effectiveness for handling the Coronavirus outbreak. As a result, after the sharp drop reported in April, the Slovenian auto market managed to strongly recover in May, scoring one of the best European performances.Indeed, 4.867 units were sold in May (-25.1%), leading Year to Date sales to 20.594 (-36.6%).Brand-wise, Volkswagen followed the market trend (-23%), while Kia signed an exceptional performance, booming 65.8% thanks to heavy discounts and reaching the 7th position.Post Covid19 Market TrendIn order to slow down the spread of the virus, most European countries have imposed lockdowns to various degrees. Since March 16, the Slovenian Government imposed the closure for non-essential businesses, public transports and educational institutions.As a result, the Slovenian car market was hit by an enormous -61.7% in March with 2.721 units sold, ending the Q1 at 14.465 (-29.9%).In April, car registrations stopped at 1.759, down 72.9% from the previous year.Medium Terms Market TrendSlovenian vehicles market has fast recovered after the 2009 crisis and domestic sales have grown uninterruptedly in the 2013-2018 time period, with 2018 light vehicles sales at 74.578 growing at lower speed compared to previous years, up 5.1%. In 2019, the market was marginally negative, ending the 6 years-series of annual growth, with 73.256 units sold (-2.1%).In the first two months of 2020, according to data released by the Association of Car Manufacturers in Slovenia, the market started on a very negative trend. Indeed, year-to-date February sales have been 11.744, down 13.2% from the previous year.Tables with sales figuresIn the tables below we report sales for all Brands, top 10 Manufacturers Group and top 10 Models.This content is for members only. Visit the site and log in/register to read.

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