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Tesla Model 3 jumps in 25th place among the global best-selling cars

World Best Selling Car ranking updated at April 2020 reports the shocking news of a pure electric vehicles joining the Top 25 models in the entire Globe. The Tesla Model 3, jumps ahead 77 positions and fly in 25th with near 100k sales.The global ranking updated after the spread of Covid19, reflects the different effects of restrictions taken by almost all countries. Looking to the rank, this time updated at the top 25, the most relevant news is the escalade performed by the Tesla Model 3, actually ranking in 25th place, improving 36.2%, gaining 77 positions, with near 100k sales in four month. A huge step ahead of the best selling electric vehicles in the World!On top of the ranking, no major changes, as you can see from the table below.Born in the 1966 to dominate the World, the Toyota Corolla launched the twelfth generation recently (2018) in over 150 countries and with three body styles and a powerful engine range, with probably the best hybrid engine ever produced for a standard vehicles.Corolla is the only vehicles actually produced in all the five continents. Actually the production facilities are located in Brazil, (Indaiatuba, São Paulo), Canada (Cambridge, Ontario), China (Tianjin), India (Bangalore), Pakistan (Karachi), South Africa (Durban), USA (Blue Springs, Mississippi), Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey and Venezuela.We track the global vehicles sales since 2010 and always we had the Toyota Corolla on top of the list with a global share between the 1.3% (2017-2019 time period) and the 1.5%. In 2020, the Corolla is actually reaching 1.6%.Of course, the podium of this ranking includes only vehicles which have done the history of the industry. This is the case of the second, the most sold pickup ever, the Ford F-Series, leader in North America since 46 years and second best in the World since the 2016. In the new year, the Ford F-Series is holding the position with 1.3% of market share.In third place the first SUV produced in the World, 22 years ago, which is in the best position ever. The Toyota RAV4 is third since 2018, up 14 places since the 2010.Tables with sales figuresIn the tables below we report sales for top 100 ModelsThis content is for members only. Visit the site and log in/register to read.

“It poisoned the German people by spreading among all classes the spirit of speculation”
Monday February 15, 2021

Thanks to @tuurdemeester, a quote from an analysis of the Weimar inflationary depression: The inflation retarded the crisis for some time, but this broke out later, throwing millions out of employment. At first inflation stimulated production because of the divergence between the internal and external values of the mark, but later it exercised an increasingly […]

Thành công ấn tượng của Việt Nam trước thềm Đại hội XIII
Tuesday January 12, 2021

Trước thềm Đại hội lần thứ XIII, báo chí nước ngoài liên tục đăng tải nhiều bài viết ca ngợi những thành công của Việt Nam trong năm 2020, trong đó đặc biệt nhấn mạnh vai trò lãnh đạo của Đảng Cộng sản Việt Nam. Báo Nga: Dấu mốc thể hiện sự phát triển của […]

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The post “It poisoned the German people by spreading among all classes the spirit of speculation” appeared first on Celadon Saigon.