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UK. Auto sales down 89% in May due to late anti-covid19 national response

British Vehicles Market in May reported one of the worst trends in Europe, as car dealerships weren’t allowed to reopen through the entire month due to late anti-covid19 response. Indeed, sales plummeted 89% in May with 20.247 units sold, leading Year to Date sales to 508.033 (-42.5%). British Vehicles Market in MayThe dramatic market trend in May clearly shows the effect of Great Britain’s late response to the Coronavirus outbreak. Indeed, the ease of restriction measures was much slower compared to most European countries and car dealerships weren’t actually allowed to reopen through May.As a result, registrations in May plummeted 89% – after halting completely in April (-97.2%) – with 20.247 units sold, leading Year to Date sales to 508.033 (-42.5%). This was the lowest May volume in near 70 years and is seen to become one of the lowest in Europe for May 2020.Moreover, in May petrol sales crumbled 90.5% at 55.1% share, while diesel held 17% and HEV at 3.2%. BEV and PHEV reached respectively 12% and 4.1% share.Brand-wise, Volvo reported the smallest drop in the Top 30, losing 74.4% and gaining the 16th position. Post Covid19 Market TrendGreat Britain was one of the last countries to take decisions reducing the normal lifestyle, but ultimately they had to follow the track of other countries progressively closing all industrial and commercial activities.So, sales activities were in the normal speed for three-quarter of the month and the new vehicles sales registrations in March had been only partially hit.Anyhow, data released by the Minister of Transportation regarding the crucial month of March, usually the highest in the year as total volume, were very negative, with sales at 254.684 units (-44.5%) ending the Q1 with 483.465 units (-31.1%).In April, lockdown measures have been extended for the entire month, dragging registrations at the lowest volume in over 70 years. Indeed, in April sales fell 97.2% at 4.574.Medium Terms Market TrendThe referendum on BREXIT in 2016 found the national automotive industry on the top of its glorious history. Following five years of consecutive grow, the light vehicles market hit in that year the All-Time record sales with 3.06 million units and was the fourth largest in the World.After the referendum the industry trend mirrored the British economy and was prolonged decline started, waiting for the announced collapse after BREXIT will become effective. Indeed, the light vehicles market felt down both in 2017 and 2018, while the rest of Europe was growing without uncertain, and in the 2018 sales have been 2.72 million, of which 2.36 were car passenger. In 2019, registrations fell at the lower level out of last 5 years, with 2.64 units sold.The finally defined BREXIT process, created alarm of economic outlook with deep effects on the relevant automotive industry and fears for production activity shift from UK to the continent, as already decided by Honda and JLR.Anticipating future fears, according to data released by the Royal Minister of Transportation, the market started 2020 in a negative mood with year to date February sales at 228.781, down 5.9%.Tables with sales figuresIn the tables below we report sales for all Brands, top 10 Manufacturers Group and top 10 ModelsThis content is for members only. Visit the site and log in/register to read.

A few takeaways from the 2020 Cambridge cryptoasset study: 101M users, 39% renewable energy, and the rise of stablecoins
Tuesday September 29, 2020

Here’s the full report. Below are some of my takeaways, along with excerpts and charts. Anything in bold is my writing, and everything else is copied verbatim from the PDF. 1. There are approximately 101M “cryptoasset users” An updated estimate of the number of cryptoasset users indicates a total of up to 101 million unique […]

Ireland 2020. Best selling cars ranking
Friday November 06, 2020

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