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Indonesia 2020. Vehicles market free-fell 79.8% in June dragging the First Half down 45.1%

Indonesian Vehicles Sales in June 2020 plummeted again, while the number of new daily infections in the country kept rising. Indeed, 10.534 units were sold (-79.8%) in June, ending the First Half at 235.178 (-45.1%). Mazda registered the best Top 10 monthly hold, losing just 14.1%.Market Trend in JuneAs the number of new Covid-19 cases kept surging throughout the country, the vehicles market was still in awful conditions in June. After the complete halt in April (-91.8%) and May (-96.3%) sales have just slightly improved in June, with 10.534 units sold (-79.8%), ending the First Half at 235.178 (-45.1%).In the competitive landscape, while the leader Toyota matched the market trend in June (-80.1%), while Daihatsu free-fell 94.1%, holding just 3.1%. On the other hand, Mazda reported the best hold within the Top 10 (-14.1%).Post Covid19 Market TrendAs of March 31, the government did not impose any lockdown measures, despite 1.528 cases were registered and 135 deaths at that date. However, the car market was negatively influenced by social distancing measures in place in large part of the country, losing 14.2% in March with 72.748 sales, ending the Q1 at 222.921 (-0.9%).In April, as the number of new daily cases kept surging, the economy rapidly deteriorated, dragging sales down 91.8% at 6.581. In May, due to factory closure, the market even worsened, with 2.945 sales (-96.3%).Medium Terms Market TrendIndonesian Vehicles market had spent four years on the sky, when, during the 2010-2013 the market scored four all time records in a row, almost doubling volume and not only outpacing the magic 1 million units quota, but landing at a 2013 record of 1.22 million vehicles (including HCVs) sales, before interrupting the run in 2015 with registrations at 1.031.808 (-14.5%).Then a new positive pathway was taken ending 2016 at 1.074.000 units (including HCVs and Bus) and keeping a moderate recovery in 2017 as well. In 2018, the market was substantially flat, ending with 1.140.349 units sold.In 2019, the market registered a negative trend, with full-year sales at 1.066.122 (-6.5%).In the first two months of 2020, according to data released by the local Association of Car Manufacturers, registrations were following the previous year’s trend, with Year to Date February sales at 160.036 (-5%).Tables with sales figuresIn the tables below we report sales for all Brands, top 10 Manufacturers Group and top 10 Models.This content is for members only. Visit the site and log in/register to read.

Colombia 2020. Toyota & Chevrolet contained the losses in market down 38.2% in June
Monday July 20, 2020

Colombian Auto Market in June 2020 kept struggling despite the moderate improvement compared to the previous month. Indeed, 11.616 units sold, down 38.2% from last year, ending the First Half to 69.930 (-30.2%). Renault dropped down 48.4% while Toyota signed the best top 10 performance.Market Trend in JuneAfter reporting a complete halt in April (-98.9%) […]

UK. Auto sales down 89% in May due to late anti-covid19 national response
Thursday June 11, 2020

British Vehicles Market in May reported one of the worst trends in Europe, as car dealerships weren’t allowed to reopen through the entire month due to late anti-covid19 response. Indeed, sales plummeted 89% in May with 20.247 units sold, leading Year to Date sales to 508.033 (-42.5%). British Vehicles Market in MayThe dramatic market trend in […]

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