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Month: July 2020

Colombia 2020. Toyota & Chevrolet contained the losses in market down 38.2% in June

Colombian Auto Market in June 2020 kept struggling despite the moderate improvement compared to the previous month. Indeed, 11.616 units sold, down 38.2% from last year, ending the First Half to 69.930 (-30.2%). Renault dropped down 48.4% while Toyota signed the best top 10 performance.Market Trend in JuneAfter reporting a complete halt in April (-98.9%) […]

The Latest Robotic Automotive Vehicles for Farming and Hydroponics

There are technologies in place that may result in the next salad someone eats having come from a greenhouse tended and managed by a robot. However, perfecting this type of high-tech equipment is no small task. In fact, this is an issue that engineers across the globe have struggled with for many years. The fact […]

Taiwan 2020. In June the market was back on track (+13.2%)

Taiwanese Vehicles Sales in June 2020 has recovered after two consecutive negative months. Indeed, by registering 39.282 in June (+12.4%) the market ended the First Half on a positive trend, with 197.277 sales (+2.5%). Lexus scored the best Top 10 performance.Market Trend in JuneAfter registering negative performances for two consecutive months, the market went back […]

Dịch vụ gia hạn tên miền camera uy tín 2020

Dịch vụ gia hạn tên miền camera uy tín nhất hà nội mà chắc chắn bạn sẽ quan tâm. Hiện tại có rất nhiều loại tên miền miễn phí được cung cấp trên mạng nhưng tiềm ẩn rất nhiều rủi ro như: Lộ thông tin, tên miền dễ bị hack, chạy chập chờn và bị […]

Startup advice that’s too good not to share: “More than one benefit is a negative”

Advice from the legendary Andy Rachleff (Wealthfront, Benchmark) on how to find product market fit: Savor surprisesLook for the good and double down on itStealth doesn’t matterDon’t evaluate your growth hypothesis until you confirm your value hypothesisThe best ideas can come from the most unlikely team membersWord of mouth trumps promotionSlowing decay can be more […]

Belarus 2020. Geely boomed 41% in a market down 13.9%

Belarus vehicles industry Following the rapid growth reported in the previous three years, in the 2020 the Belarusian automotive industry was hit by the effects of Covid19 and reported negative data both in Q1 and Q2. Geely boomed 41% surging in third place.Economic EnvironmentThe economy contracted for the first time in over three years in […]

Daily Habits Checklist #113

Life in Vietnam has largely returned to normal. I’m very thankful for that. But I remain worried about (read: Twitter addicted to) the goings-on in the rest of the world. In particular, America seems to be undergoing the five stages of grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance. It seems like the country has moved past […]

Global Auto Market 2020. Honda Motor stood out in May (-17.6%)

World Light Vehicles ranking in May 2020 sales aggregated by manufacturer group sees the Toyota Group on top, reaching 12.8% of market share. Hyundai-Kia takes the 4th spot with 8.3% share, while Honda Motor registered the best top 10 performance in May (-17.6%).During the last decade, the automotive industry competitive scenario changed dramatically due to […]

Cài đặt iVMS-4500 xem camera hikvision có hình ảnh

Phần mềm iVMS-4500 là phần mềm do hãng camera HIKvision viết ra phục người dùng mua camera hoặc dùng đầu ghi bên hãng. Phần mềm này dùng với đầu Hikvision rất ổn định và rất nhanh so với các phần phần mới ra của hãng. Để cài và sử dụng iVMS-4500 chúng ta cần phải cấu […]