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Vietnam 2020. Sales stabilized in June (+0.5%) despite the leader Toyota struggled

Vietnamese vehicles managed to report a stable trend in June 2020, following the previous month’s robust recovery. Indeed, 25.692 units were sold in June (+0.5%), ending the First Half to 117.876 (-19.2%). Toyota scored an awful performance, while Hyundai impressed.Market Trend in JuneIn June the Vietnamese market has stabilized, after strong losses reported in March (-29.8%) and April (-39%). Actually, a concrete sign of revival was already shown in May, reducing the fall (-7.3%). Indeed, 25.692 units were sold in June (+0.5%), ending the First Half to 117.876 (-19.2%).Brand-wise, the leader Toyota kept struggling (-39.4%) in June – holding just 17.3% market share – while the follower Hyundai signed an outstanding performance. Kia, Honda and Mitsubishi grew in double-digits as well.Post Covid19 Market TrendVietnam’s response to the spread of Coronavirus has received acclaim for its effectiveness. Indeed, despite the proximity to China, just 265 confirmed cases were reported as of April 12. However, the economy has been largely impacted, and the car market dropped down 29.8% in March with 20.380 units sold, ending the Q1 at 56.786 (-21.7%).In April, registrations have further declined (-39%) with 12.895 units sold, while May reported a strong recovery, with sales at 25.261 (-7.3%).Medium Terms Market TrendVietnamese vehicles market has scored an impressive series of all time records ending the 2016 at 286.845 (including HCVs) units more than the double compared with the 2012. However, in the 2017 the market scored the first break after years with total vehicles sales at 250.616 units, down 12.6%. In 2018, the market started immediately to recover, signing an 11.1% growth, while in 2019 it marked the new All-time record at 293.563 units, surging 14.3%.In 2020, according to the Association of local Automotive Importers, registrations started at an awful pace in January, while bouncing back up in February. However, year-to-date figures in February are down 22.7% at 31.929 units.Tables with sales figuresIn the tables below we report sales for all Brands, top 10 Manufacturers Group and top 10 ModelsThis content is for members only. Visit the site and log in/register to read.

New Zealand 2020. Best selling cars ranking
Wednesday November 04, 2020

New Zealand Best Selling Car ranking in 2020 reports the Ford Ranger still as the market leader, holding 6.6% share. The Suzuki Seltos jumped from 10th to 7th spot while the Toyota Corolla fell down in 9th position. The Ford Ranger remains the best selling car in 2020 up to September, holding an impressive 6.6% share, […]

UK Car Market Research [2020]
Sunday December 13, 2020

The UK vehicle market is going through a troublesome period with a combination of new and used car deals down for a third progressive year in 2020. There is no expectation of an improved condition presently owing to the COVID-19 situation. Dealers will have to rethink the best way forward for handling both the new […]

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