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Iran 2020. In March the market collapsed 88.5%

Iranian vehicles market ended the first half 2020 with a +4% compared with the corresponding period last year, although in the Q2 sales declined after a very strong Q1. Total sales have been near 0.4 million units.
Q2 2020 Light Vehicles sales figures
The Iranian automotive industry approached the 2020 starting from a very low level, due to the US sanctions effects, with almost all imported vehicles banned.
In the first quarter the market was fast growing with figures at 246.000, up a robust 43%.
However, the shocking arrival of COVId 19, changed the trend in the second quarter although the government minimized the relevance of the pandemy, never totally stopping the production activities.
Although demand in the second quarter declined, first half sales have been higher than in the previous year by 4% with a total of 396.400 units sold.
The market leader was Saipa, reporting 163.000 (+14.5%) ahead of Peugeot (+27.7%) and Iran Khodro (-4.4%).
Economic Environment
The economy likely continued to shrink severely in recent months, undermined by U.S. economic sanctions and Covid-19. A steady rise in daily new cases of the virus since May forced the government to reintroduce lockdown measures in seven major cities in late June, which, coupled with the rial sinking to an all-time low in recent weeks, should be fueling inflation and thus battering private consumption.
Moreover, oil production continued to contract notably in May and energy exports likely remained severely depressed in large part due to weak Chinese demand.
Tables with sales figures
In the tables below we report sales for Top Brands

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