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Yemen 2020. Toyota holds 97% of share in a market down 21%

Yemen Cars Market hit by the covid 19 spread fell down in the first half of 2020 by 21.7%. The market is a feud of Toyota, holding 97% of share, with Lexus in third place.
Q2 2020 Light Vehicles sales figures
Yemeni auto industry was moderately recovering in the period immediately ahead of the covid 19 spread across the Arabic peninsula, as confirmed by the first quarter sales, down only 6.4%.
However, the sanitary emergency on top of the critical economic situation, in a country devastated by years of civil war, hit new consumers demand.
As a result, the first half sales have been 3.219, down 21.7%.
The market leader was Toyota, reporting 3.128 sales (-16.9%) with 97.2% of market share ahead of Hyundai (-9.9%) and Lexus (+3.7%).
Economic Environment
The economy is in tatters due to the coronavirus pandemic; the continued civil war, which has devastated lives and infrastructure for over five years; and severe flooding in April. In recent weeks, confirmed Covid-19 cases and deaths have risen sharply, and the true spread of the virus in Yemen appears far wider than officially confirmed.
The virus is placing enormous stress on the country’s already-embattled healthcare facilities, meaning restrictions on activity will likely remain in place for a prolonged period of time.
Exacerbating matters, flare-ups of fighting between government-backed forces and rebel Houthis continue, and funding for crucial UN food, healthcare and sanitation programs is severely lacking, which could cause many of these programs to end in the coming weeks.

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