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Zhang Yiming’s Bytedance confession (in Chinese and English)

One of my current goals is to significantly improve my Mandarin skillz…here is a letter that Bytedance CEO Zhang Yiming (张一鸣) wrote as a kind of public confession to the Chinese government and Chinese public about Bytedance’s need to have more “positive energy” (正能量) and to better represent the country.

Zhang Yiming’s Bytedance confession (thanks to Niubi)
I profoundly reflect on the fact that a deep-level cause of the recent problems in my company is:
a weak “four consciousnesses”; deficiencies in education on the socialist core values; and deviation from public opinion guidance.
all along, we have placed excessive emphasis on the role of technology
and we have not acknowledged that technology must be led by the socialist core value system
broadcasting positive energy, suiting the demands of the era, and respecting common convention
We must make a renewed effort to sort out our vision of the future.
We say, we want to make a global platform for creation and conversation.
This demands that we must ensure that the content of creation and conversation are positive, healthy, and beneficial,
that they can offer positive energy to the era, and to the people.
We must renew our understanding and enactment of our social responsibility
upright and good, innovative technology, value creation, taking responsibility, cooperation and mutual benefit.
I profoundly recognize that the company’s development must stick closely to the era
and to the main theme of national development
Today, the supervisory organs, the public, and the media have pointed out problems in our company,
and this is a well-intentioned reminder and an encouragement to us.
I and my colleagues will work immediately to bring about change —
changing our own thoughts,
and changing our methods.

Some useful vocab:
反思 = fǎn sī = reflection, introspection
淡薄 = dàn bó = light, thin, faint
偏差 = piān chā = deviation, bias
正能量 = zhèng néng liàng = positive energy (love this one)
愿景 = yuàn jǐng = vision
阐释 = chǎn shì = interpret, explain
担当责任 = dān dāng zé rèn = take responsibility
合作共赢 = hé zuò gòng yíng = win-win
紧扣时代 = jǐn kòu shí dài = keep up to date
监管部门 = jiān guǎn bù mén = supervisory organs, regulatory authorities
鞭策 = biān cè = spur, urge
着手改变 = zhuó shǒu gǎi biàn = start to change

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