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ASEAN 2020. Best selling cars ranking

Asean best selling cars ranking up to October 2020 is again dominated by the Toyota Hilux, widening the gap from the main follower, the Isuzu D-Max. The Perodua Axia and the Honda HR-V enter the leaderboard, landing in 5th and 9th position.
Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is an economic free trade area in South Asia, including the following nations: Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Laos, Myanmar, and Cambodia.
With regard to the regional best-selling cars ranking, in 2020 the leadership is still in the hands of the Toyota Hilux, produced in Thailand, well ahead of it’s competitors with 136.350 units sold (-21.3%), followed in second place by the Isuzu D-Max, produced in Thailand as well, with 106.647 units sold (-23.1%).
The Perodua Myvi -up 5 spots- closes the podium with 66.828 units, followed by the Toyota Vios -up 2 spots- with 59.393 units (-20.4%) and the Perodua Axia – up 8 spots – with 57.921 units sold.
In sixth place we have the Honda City -up 3 spots- with 57.580 units(-10.6%), followed by the Mitsubishi Xpander -down 4 spots- with 54.513 units (-44.3%) and then by the Ford Ranger -down 2 spots- with 51.953 units (-28.1%).
Closing the leaderboard we have the Honda HR-V jumping in 9th position with 43.488 units (-20.3%) and the Toyota Fortuner with 40.120 units (-37.6%).
Tables with sales figures
In the tables below we report sales for all top 50 models.

GCC 2020. Best selling cars ranking
Wednesday November 25, 2020

GCC Best Selling Cars up to October 2020 sees again the Toyota Hilux on top while the Nissan Sunny conquers the 2nd position by overtaking the Toyota Land Cruiser, which closes the podium. The Toyota Land Cruiser P/U enters the leaderboard. As far as the best selling cars ranking, while our report assembles data from […]

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