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GCC 2020. Best selling cars ranking

GCC Best Selling Cars up to October 2020 sees again the Toyota Hilux on top while the Nissan Sunny conquers the 2nd position by overtaking the Toyota Land Cruiser, which closes the podium. The Toyota Land Cruiser P/U enters the leaderboard.
As far as the best selling cars ranking, while our report assembles data from the 6 countries which are part of the Gulf Cooperation Council, this ranking is heavily conditioned by the trend in Saudi Arabia which counts nearly as more than half of the regional sales.
As far as the best-selling models in the region, the exclusive ranking we publish today shows clearly the leadership of Toyota, holding 6 models out of the best 10.
Indeed, the Toyota Hilux, the “king of the desert” is on top of the list with 36.887 sales (-16%) followed by a new entry in the podium, the Nissan Sunny with 29.997 (-15.5%), just 200 units ahead of the Toyota Land Cruiser with 29.781 (-38.3%).
In fourth place we have the Toyota Camry -up 2 spots- with 28.064 sales (-7.7%) followed by the Hyundai Elantra with 24.834 (-21.8%), the Nissan Patrol -up 1 spot- with 22.584 (-4.3%) and the Hyundai Accent -down 3 spots- with 22.271 (-35.8%).
In eighth place we have the Toyota Land Cruiser P/U climbing 4 spots and entering the leaderboard, with 21.243 units (+14.4%), followed by the Toyota Corolla with 18.063 units (-15.4%) and in 10th place the Toyota Yaris sedan -down 2 spots- with 16.876 (-27.1%).
Tables with sales figures
In the tables below we report sales for all top 50 models.

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