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New Caledonia 2020. Market falls 30.9%, but Year to Date sales are still positive (+1.8%)

New Caledonian Cars Market plummets after growing by 28.2% in September. Indeed, 635 units were sold in October (-30.9%), leading Year to Date sales at 6.549 (+1.8%). All brands in the leaderboard report losses except Ford (+20.6%).
Market Trend Year to Date
After growing by an impressive 28.2% in September, the New Caledonian vehicles market plummeted. Indeed, 635 units have been sold in October (-30.9%), leading to 6.549 sales Year to Date, still a 1.8% growth compared to last year.
Brand-wise, the leader Toyota lost 19.5%, while the top performance in the leaderboard was registered by Ford, gaining 20%. The sharpest drop was reported by Hyundai, losing over 65%.
Medium-Term Market Trend
The New Caledonian vehicles market in recent years has lost steam declining from the 11.059 units sold in 2012 to 8.410 in 2016. During 2017 consumer demand was stable and the year ended with a little recovery, up 1.6% at 8.544 units. In 2018 the market registered a negative performance, with 8.206 sales, losing 4% from the previous year.
2019 kept the previous year’s negative trend. Indeed, the Full-year ended with sales at 7.728, declining 5.8% from the previous year.
In Q1 2020 1.710 units have been sold (-4.1%), while First Half sales were 3.414, only a 3.3% decrease compared to the previous year.

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