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3 Simple Ways to Add Value to Your Car Before Selling it

Selling your car is the first step to owning an even better set of wheels, but if you don’t get the sale right, you’ll receive much lower offers, which means you may not afford the new model you really want.
Below you’ll find tried and tested tips for adding value to any car you want to sell. Do it the smart way so you can make your car dreams come true.
Replacing Parts Is an Investment
When you’re selling a car, buyers will look at each aspect of the vehicle, and for each fault, they’ll subtract an amount from what they’re willing to pay. This shows the value of replacing certain parts before you start advertising. You may need to spend some money before you make money, but you’ll get much higher offers than you think.
It’s worth investing in high quality parts and accessories, as a knowledgeable buyer will quickly identify whether they’re getting value for their money. You can even choose to upgrade. For example, use carbon fiber aero parts like the ones found at vendors such as Monaco Motorsports. They don’t fade easily, and your buyer won’t mind paying a little extra for that privilege. If you need quick fixes that will still boost the price, replacing the tires will be your best option.
Exterior Aesthetic Is Essential
The exterior of a car is similar to the curb appeal you need when selling a house. You want the person that could be buying the car to love what they see. If your car looks battered, you’ll need the help of a panel beater. Investing a few dollars in removing those dents will add a lot to the selling price, so it’s another worthwhile expense.
Alternatively, the vehicle may simply need some added aesthetics. Here you can consider the audience you’re selling to. If you know your model is popular among a crowd that loves showing off their wheels, repaint it in an eye-catching hue or add LED lights that will complement the car at night. To sell to a more conservative audience, repainting the car a neutral hue may draw the buyer you need.
Adding Features Finds Favor
This tip is especially important if you’re trying to sell an older model. New cars today contain state-of-the-art features from entertainment systems to Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports, and navigation systems. For some buyers, these will be non-negotiable features. Installing new tech on older cars could secure you buyers who want used cars but do still love modern luxuries. These changes also allow you to raise the price to cover some of the costs.
Final Thoughts
Selling your car doesn’t have to be difficult, and there’s a lot you can do to increase your chances of making a quick sale. Small changes can result in huge positive outcomes, so be prepared to spend a little before you put it on the market. Even if you’re not selling yet, remember to maintain your car on a daily basis, as it means fewer expenses when you do decide to sell.

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