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A Guide to the Maintenance Needs for Your Mercedes Benz

Mercedes-Benz is a brand with the utmost luxury and performance. Driving a superbly engineered car like a Mercedes-Benz especially when it is dashing and brand-new is just pure pleasure.
However, no matter how special this car is, it can still develop many hitches or issues over time like any other car. This can be frustrating knowing that the brand has a worldwide good reputation. Before getting yourself this luxurious car, it is important to be guided on the importance of its maintenance.
Basic inspection
The first line of defense against any mechanical breakdown or damage is you.
You have to know the basic parts or ways to inspect your car and take the time to schedule these inspections to ensure your car’s long life. If you see any mercedes auto parts that need replacement during your inspection, replace them right away. This will save you the labor cost of having them replaced at a later time. Common parts to look at include the hoses and belts. If the hoses look fat and spongy, it may be a great time to replace them already. For the belts, you have to check if there are any nicks or cracks.
Other things to inspect are the fluids and filters. Oil is basically the lifeblood of an engine and is also an important part of maintaining your Mercedes Benz. Having the oil filter changed on a regular basis is a good way in maintaining your car. Make sure that air and fuel filters are checked regularly since your engine needs air and contaminants should be removed from your fuel. Also, your radiator should be flushed out annually.
Another part to look at is the tires. It should be checked regularly and the pressure should be kept at the recommended psi. You can also have a friend check your headlights, taillights, reverse lights, turn signals, emergency flashers, and brake lights. Also, protect your car from UV rays. You may use tinted windows as a defense but you can also keep clean and treat the trim with a UV protectant or a leather treatment.

Inspired by a Qing dynasty poem
Monday November 09, 2020

I really enjoyed reading this poem, just something about the words and the flow of it. I decided to write my own – half a literal translation, and half something else. — 万里长城万里空 张廷玉 南来北往走西东,  人生杳杳在其中; 天也来空地也空,  换了多少主人公。 夜静听得三更鼓,  翻身不觉五更钟; 从头仔细思量起,  便是南柯一梦中。 一场辛苦一场空,  死后还归泥土中。 身归泥土气随风,  一片顽皮化臭胧; 在身置得万倾田,  死后只得三步地。 埋骨何须桑梓地,  人生无处不青山。 万里长城万里空,  百世英雄百世梦; 沉舟侧畔轻帆过,  病树前头万木春! — […]

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Common Mercedes-Benz problems you should know about
There are also a lot of Mercedez-Benz problems that often occur in its parts, whether the car is a new or an old model. Knowing these common Mercedes-Benz problems, if you are already an owner of a Mercedez-Benz, or if you are planning to have one, will help you prepare and make the right inspections and maintenance decisions.
One common problem is its engine and transmission mounts. On older Mercedes-Benz cars, the engine and transmission mounts were made of solid rubber. This is to keep the engine and transmission stable. Also, it prevents the vibration to be felt in the passenger’s area. However, after some time, the rubber mounts tend to fail and it sends a signal through a huge kick whenever you apply the gas.
On the other hand, the mounts in newer models are filled with liquid and do not easily fail compared to the rubber mounts. The ones that fail will warn you via a growing vibration in the steering wheel and the passenger cabin. To prevent these problems, these should be diagnosed regularly after reaching 80,000 mileage or 7 years.
Another common problem with Mercedes-Benz is when it just won’t start. The starting problems will make the engine crank but it will refuse to start if the car isn’t maintained well. The culprit here is the crankshaft position sensor. It fails to give the signal to start. With this, the engine does not fire even when it is cranking. This sensor failure is followed by gradual, prolonged cranking times. If you experience this issue, it is time to replace the sensor as it is quite inexpensive.
Your car is an investment, especially if it is as luxurious as a Mercedes-Benz, and part of that investment is your regular inspections and maintenance. It’s part of how you take care of this investment to ensure its long life.

Lesotho 2020. Market falls 19% and Toyota keeps dominating sales
Tuesday September 29, 2020

Lesotho vehicles market in 2020 reports a drop as the pandemic influences sales. Indeed, 449 units were sold Year To Date until August, losing 19% compared to last year. Toyota  (-24.1%) maintains the leadership by a very large margin, while Volvo was the worst performer, with a 80% drop in sales.   Economic Environment Lesotho is […]

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