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We made a newsletter for all things digital art, crypto art, and NFTs

Steven and I are fascinated with the growth and innovation happening in the digital art and crypto art space, so we started a newsletter. You can signup here:
Here’s the latest issue:
And here are some topics we discuss:
-Exciting projects in the space from Niftex (NFTX) to Axie Infinity to Aavegotchi
-Great artists in the space like Fewocious and Beeple and Michael Divine
-Predictions, launches, experiments, hot tweets, and more
Software is eating the world, and crypto is now eating art (and money). The speed and experimentation and opportunity to help creators make a living by making beautiful things, that’s what it’s all about.
Let us know if you have any questions or feedback, this newsletter is very much an experiment. We may also do a podcast or YT channel to accompany it.
And if you’re in the NFT world, whether a builder, an artist, a collector, a curator, and want to partner, hit us up on Twitter or via the newsletter.

“Artificial intelligence has the verbal skills of a four-year-old”
Sunday November 01, 2020

This was written in 2013. Over the decades it has become apparent that simply throwing more processor cycles at the problem of true artificial intelligence isn’t going to cut it. A brain is orders of magnitude more complex than any AI system developed thus far, but some are getting closer. And in the seven years […]

TED talk notes #4, Charles Leadbetter: Education innovation in the slums
Monday November 02, 2020

in slums to make things work: pull not push (they need to demand, seek learning) make learning second, activity/interest first, “teach through” (eg, learn music theory THROUGH playing instruments) mass education started with social entrepreneurship model in 19th century (in other words, innovative, grounds-up individuals and ideas with creative sources of funding) current school system is […]

The post TED talk notes #4, Charles Leadbetter: Education innovation in the slums appeared first on Celadon Saigon.

The post “Artificial intelligence has the verbal skills of a four-year-old” appeared first on Celadon Saigon.