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Month: April 2021

How to purchase Data & Services

Service Solutions are developed individually for each customer thanks to the outstanding flexibility of our database and to follow our philosophy to become and integrated part of each customer Market Intelligence activity. Some of the service we actually provide are: Single market data in excel. Data can regard single or multi-year and can be released […]

Who We Are

Focus2Move.com is The market intelligence & consulting firm specialized in the four-wheeler industry, providing data, forecast, insigns, consulting and support to all entities involved with this unique industry. Our mission is to help our clients understand the past and decode the future to be more successful and innovative. We create trusted intelligence on the entire motorcycles world by leveraging on […]

Why Focus2Move

We are a team of professional experts totally focusing our energies, experience and knowledge on tracking the motorcycles industry sales evolution keeping the base trends and future challenges.    Unique Data We have purchased new vehicles sales figures on all available countries in the World and can track – on monthly basis – the sales […]

Beyond Covid19: the automotive way

BEYOND COVID19 project has been develop examining and explaining the automotive market trends, considering the disruptive impact of Covid-19. The mission is to help our clients, surrounded by tangible uncertainty, in making balanced and fair business decisions. Strategic moves To survive the crisis and emerge even stronger, car manufacturers players must adapt to the new […]

Useful Driving Tips From Professional Truckers

Driving a truck professionally can be a dangerous job if the right techniques aren’t employed. Here are useful driving tips from professionals. Leave A Safe Space Cushion Always leave a “buffer zone” or “cushion” in front of and around your vehicle. Having ample space especially in front of your truck will give you a chance […]