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UK Car Market Research [2020]

The UK vehicle market is going through a troublesome period with a combination of new and used car deals down for a third progressive year in 2020. There is no expectation of an improved condition presently owing to the COVID-19 situation. Dealers will have to rethink the best way forward for handling both the new […]

India Car Market Outlook & Perspectives to 2025

India’s future car market outlook forecasts a 4.8% CAGR over the next 5 years, with a projected 3.08 million units sold in 2025. Maruti will surpass 1.5 Million sales per year, remaining the undiscussed leader, followed in a distance by the growing brands Hyundai and Tata. The present situation in India Since Q3 of the […]

Global Automotive Database

Focus2Move holds and updates the GAD (Global Automotive Database) the widest existing database tracking monthly vehicles sales with the largest & deepest existing detail for 11 regions and over 150 countries. Data can be aggregated by brand or model or segment to analyse the industry under several and unrivaled perspectives. Actually data are aggregated at […]

How Is Death Portrayed in Art?

Over the years, art has massively evolved, not only in style but also in terms of the chosen medium. However, certain subjects like mortality, death, cynicism, and heaven/hell are still prominent today and share similarities in the way they are portrayed. Death, in particular, has been a favored subject for centuries. Even though every artist […]


WEIRD is an acronym used by academics, intellectuals, journalists to represent a type of person – or perhaps a population – that is: Western Educated Industrialized Rich Democratic W. E. I. R. D. The first time I saw this term was in the context of academic psychology studies, where WEIRD participants are often overrepresented (like […]

How is the Global Automotive Industry Adapting to the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Shutting down brick-and-mortar commerce, at varying degrees around the world, has driven the automotive industry online. To keep up with security standards and market demand, car retailers are utilizing innovative technology and adaptive support to stay afloat.  To simplify the purchasing process for buyers, auto brands are also applying virtual reality techniques, social media marketing, […]

3 Practical Tips to Follow When Shopping Around for SUV Tyres

Good quality SUV or 4×4 tyres can be expensive to replace. This is why you need to make the necessary considerations to be able to choose the best tyres that will last for a long time. Car tyres vs. SUV/4×4 tyres It’s important that you choose the correct type of tyres for your vehicle because […]

ASEAN 2020. Best selling cars ranking

Asean best selling cars ranking up to October 2020 is again dominated by the Toyota Hilux, widening the gap from the main follower, the Isuzu D-Max. The Perodua Axia and the Honda HR-V enter the leaderboard, landing in 5th and 9th position. Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is an economic free trade area in […]

GCC 2020. Best selling cars ranking

GCC Best Selling Cars up to October 2020 sees again the Toyota Hilux on top while the Nissan Sunny conquers the 2nd position by overtaking the Toyota Land Cruiser, which closes the podium. The Toyota Land Cruiser P/U enters the leaderboard. As far as the best selling cars ranking, while our report assembles data from […]

Paul Tudor Jones: A magical moment in a great documentary

The documentary is a fascinating and brief slice in the work life of Paul Tudor Jones, one of America’s all time great macro traders. There’s this one moment that really stands out to me, where Jones, after losing about 5% of his portfolio in a single terrible trading day (at that time, ~$6M dollars), says […]